Condom Sense: Condoms and the Atmosphere

March 2018 ยท 2 minute read

So you are wise sufficient to practice protected sexual intercourse (protecting against equally pregnancy and STDs) by appropriately utilizing a condom. But what do you do with the condom when you are done with it? Below are some hints on environmentally-welcoming condom disposal.

To start with, will not flush your condoms, ever! Flushing condoms is not the way to deal with them. Condoms can clog the plumbing in your home (or the plumbing anywhere you take place to be). This can be an pricey and uncomfortable predicament. If the condom manages to make it via your septic program, it will only end up with the strong squander. This implies that any individual has to pull it out of the sewage remedy, which isn’t really pleasant for anyone. The condom might even make it previous the therapy plant. This is not good because it signifies that it could finish up in the h2o supply, and the previous issue we want is a lot more air pollution in our rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Not all condoms are created similarly. Most condoms are produced of latex, which signifies that they will biodegrade. Latex, nevertheless, does not biodegrade when it is underneath drinking water, which is why it is not good to flush your used condoms. ถุงยางอนามัย are not totally manufactured of latex, nevertheless, and the other issues on condoms (spermicide, lubricant) may well influence the biodegradability. The ideal option appears to be to send them to a landfill and see how they go the examination of time.

Some condoms, which includes all woman condoms, are created of polyurethane, a variety of plastic. These will not biodegrade. There is no option, even so, except to set them in the rubbish, since your neighborhood recycling depot is not going to recycle utilized condoms. They will not even recycle new condoms.

Other condoms are manufactured of lambskin. These are entirely biodegradable condoms. Do not run out and get lambskin condoms just however although! Lambskin condoms do not defend towards sexually transmitted ailments. The pores in the lambskin are modest ample to stop sperm, and so stop pregnancy, but the pores are big sufficient to enable sexually transmitted diseases and infections via. This option is only viable for folks in monogamous relationships who have been examined for sexually transmitted conditions. If this is the circumstance, you could contemplate an even a lot more environmentally pleasant barrier type of birth handle this sort of as a diaphragm, cervical cap, or protect. Ask your doctor what is greatest for you.